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What Do You Know About Pets

Chocolate Labrador Puppies are the Best New Family Member

The American Kennel Club has stated three main colors for purebred Labradors which is: Chocolate, Yellow, and Black. Chocolate Labradors are the rarest color variety of the three and for most of the time have been shunned in most competitions. The rich brown coloration of the chocolate lab is the direct result of one recessive gene, their brown is not constant however and can have rich variation in hues from light brown to dark chocolate brown. The eyes of the chocolate Labrador can be in shades of brown to haze and are full of loyalty and trust, making the chocolate Labrador puppy a friendly and kind addition to the family.

So what is it that you want to be expecting for exactly from the average purebred Labrador puppy. A puppy that is 8 to 12 weeks old will most probably be quite dependent and is going to adorably follow you around. Your puppy will even cry when he or she is separated from you, even more so during nighttime. And just like a human baby, your Labrador puppy will have the tendency to put anything into their mouth. But unlike that of human babies, you Labrador puppy has a mouth full of sharp puppy teeth, so if you don’t want your stuff to be chewed up completely, take it out of your puppy’s way.

Your chocolate lab pup may display some dominance over his or her puppy peers but very submissive towards you. Its because you are the true leader of the pack. But during the puppy stages, you won’t get the chance of being leader of the pack just yet as lab puppies have very short attention spans.

Your puppy will be overflowing with energy all throughout the day. They will have more energy than a human baby who is charged full with candy bars and soda. These tiny chocolate energy balls of fur can make games out of everything and anything, spending the whole day playing until they get tired and fall fast asleep for the next day of play. Puppies will need to be housetrained, so spend your time patiently teaching your puppy the proper places for them to go. Its always best that your puppy understands why you are scolding him or her.

Although you might think that a big unruly, uncivilized brown dog is adorable like in the movies, never let your chocolate lab grow into one as it can potentially be very dangerous. Always train your chocolate lab in its puppy stage, they are very intelligent and eager to please so teaching them how to behave properly is quite easy.

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