Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Marketing Problems? Contact Catdi Printing for Help

Everyone today realizes the very definition of marketing is evolving, and business owners frequently have problems finding a comfortable balance between the various types of marketing now commonly used. While having an online presence is certainly important today, there are other marketing strategies that deliver a great return on investment. If your organization is exploring ways to enhance your marketing efforts, contact Catdi Printing to discover how printed materials can be effectively used.

Develop a Cohesive Marketing Plan

Many companies have a good online presence, provide customers with quality printed marketing materials, and may even utilize television or radio advertising. However, the efforts were not designed to deliver a cohesive message across all media types. The colors used, print styles, and even the logo may be different for each type of advertising. Marketing experts always recommend businesses explore ways to develop a fully cohesive marketing strategy that’s consistent in all marketing materials. A local printing expert can help business owners define the best ways to make that happen.

Take Design Details Seriously

Psychologists have repeatedly demonstrated that people respond differently to colors, fonts, and other design details. While the local printing professionals may not be psychologists, they know which design elements work the best for specific users. That’s why they will recommend certain color and font combinations when printing clients are looking for attractive and effective designs for their marketing materials. If you’re looking for ways to attract a greater share of the local market, it pays to discuss design philosophies with a local printer.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

In the vast majority of cases, printers will recommend customers select high-quality printing options. The printed materials a company distributes says something about the company, and customers take note of the message. High-quality business cards, for example, are more likely to be retained than cards printed using the office inkjet printer. Mailers printed on low-quality paper are likely to land in the trash can rather than being carefully reviewed. The material selection a business makes will impact the end results of a marketing campaign.

If your organization is considering a new marketing campaign, the experts at Catdi are always willing to provide advice and design assistance. For more information, contact the printing professionals today.